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R.I.P Tilly, my lovely Welsummer hen

It’s a sad day today, as there is a very big likelihood that Tilly, my lovely Welsummer hen, has been snatched by a fox in the early hours of this morning. In typical fox attack fashion there was nothing but a big scattering of feathers on the lawn that I had to gather up. Apparently when foxes attack they go in quickly and then take the body off somewhere to eat it. Hopefully it won’t be me that finds Tilly’s body in the undergrowth one day.

We have had the chickens for over two years now and all that time they have been able to have free range over the whole garden, and on the odd occasion slipping through the back gate and getting onto the street, much to the amusement of the neighbours when you have to get them back. But this morning I had no other option but to lock the door of the run on the hen house and keep them safe. We’ll have to make a bigger, but safe enclosure now for the remaining 2 hens incase Mr Fox comes back.

Here’s Tilly on the day that we got her … thanks for all your lovely eggs my pretty lady, I’ll miss your greetings every morning when you see me in the kitchen 🙂

Now that we’re all upset by reading the news, I did come across a couple of very cute pictures of the kids while I was hunting down a picture of Tilly on Flickr, because they always bring a smile to my face.

Here they are in October 2005 getting ready to go “Trick or Treating”

And this is in June 2006 when they were “helping” Dave rip out the horrible old kitchen

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