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Cooper at 10 weeks

Its been 2 weeks since I did a puppy post .. shows how busy I have been looking after him and getting him settled in to his new routine. He is now 10 weeks old and growing up fast. When I look back at the old pictures of him its hard to believe that he used to be so small.

post pic cute (1280x907)

Having a puppy is just like having a baby except that they progress faster and learn quicker. He can now sit and lay on command, as well as fetch (he was fetching instinctively before we brought him home even). With the fetching he still isn’t brilliant at giving the toy back as he loves to play with his toys. He’s pretty toilet trained but does have an odd accident but that is our fault for not letting him out in time. He’s sleeping through the night… well between say midnight ish and 6.00 – 6.30am so I’m managing to get some sleep.

He’s has all his vaccinations now so on Monday he will be out and about wherever he likes. We have already been taking him to non-doggy areas, on the vets advice, so that he can socialise with lots of people and get used to his new environment and he has been getting on great. He spent most of the day in the office on Friday and was fine, so we’ll be having him with us most of the days in the office with plenty of people to play with and walks.

Here’s a few pictures from the last week or so..

Such a handsome boy

handsome boy

Playing with his favourite toys

cooper playing

Playing in the garden

cooper action shot

Hiding in the grass

hiding in the grass

Lots of snoozing

cooper after a hard day

He has really quickly become a special member of our family and he gives so much love back all the time. My favourite time is early in the morning whether its 5.30am or 6.30am … before everyone gets up so its just me and Cooper playing and training, and getting a really strong bond.

Cooper Comes Home

We picked Cooper up yesterday and brought him back to his new home … where he has settled in really well. I was up a couple of times last night to take him for a wee in the garden and to settle him back to sleep but he’s a little star. Today I am shattered but after having had 2 kids, the maternal nature takes over the tiredness. I’m hoping that the nights will get easier in the next week or so as he gets firmly settled.

For all of those following Cooper’s progression, here are some pictures of his first day at home with us.

cooper at 8 weeks

cooper 8 weeks home

cooper at home

waiting for the rain to stop

Cooper at the big steps

having a sniff

Cooper in the garden

Cooper meets Poppy

3 days to go

On Friday we will be getting Cooper …. we have feelings of excitement and lots of trepidation. With the kids now 12 & 11 we have got through all the hard parts and now we are heading back to literally having a baby back in the house who needs lots of care and attention. I always complain about not having enough time to do everything that I want and need to do, and now I will have more to do… but I will just have to delegate more tasks at home, become more organised and find the extra time to look after Cooper.

We popped to see him after work today, and he is just adorable


Cutey Cooper

This afternoon we popped to see Cooper and to have a cuddle. Its amazing how he has changed in the last week and I could even play a bit of “fetch”, with Cooper eager to retrieve his toy and bring it back to me. This is a cute picture of him with his paws on my knee as I was crouched down

Cooper 7 weeks

Here as a few more cute pictures of him

Cooper and Miles 7 weeks

Cooper 7 weeks cocker spaniel

Chocolate cocker spaniel

Cooper and Ethan 7 weeks

Cooper is now 6 weeks old

Another visit to see Cooper puppy today and he’s getting much more active and lively. We can’t wait to get him back home so that we can get him settled. Here are a few of the new pictures from today.

Cooper Cocker Spaniel 6 weeks

Cooper and Miles

Cooper and Ethan

Cooper 6 weeks

Here’s a little video clip of Cooper having a run 🙂
Cooper 6 weeks video