Puppy Archive

Meet Murphy

The extension on the house was so last year! It completed the day before Christmas Eve and so far we are loving the new space that we have created and are about back to normal…just a few last boxes to unpack and a bit more stuff to find a new home for, but its as if we never went through the 6 months living on a building site.

Anyway Cooper is now nearly 2, and we’re getting another puppy!
We might be slightly crazy but when we heard that Cooper’s Mum had another litter we couldn’t resist getting Cooper a brother. Here are a few pictures of Murphy. We’ve seen him twice now, today he was 3 weeks old









murphy with miles

Cooper down a Rabbit Hole

Cooper had fun this weekend while I was Away with Ethan’s rugby team at Pocklington .. he found a patch of grass that was littered with rabbit holes .. perfect for a sniffy spaniel. If he hadn’t had his lead on he would have gone further down.

Cooper down a rabbit hole

An Update on Cooper

It’s been a while since I have done a blog post with some Cooper pictures on, so the other day at lunchtime we took the camera to capture a few new shots of him. He is about 7 months old now and I couldn’t imagine our family without him. It is hard work having a dog, but Cooper brings lots of fun and love. He comes to the office everyday with us so at lunchtime we tend to go out along the river and into the nearby fields for a walk.

This is generally what I look like most days, whether its walking the dog or at the rugby club, I never seem to be out of my big coat and wellies at the moment.

This is Cooper now (the last pictures I posted was when he was 3 months old)




Cooper has found his love for fetching a ball and he loves nothing better than when the ball is kind of lost in the long grass so he can sniff it out. This is Cooper flying after his ball


and here he comes chasing back with it


In the Summer we had some lovely walks, but I am really loving Autumn as everything changes so quickly and I just love the autumnal leaves, and so does Cooper.



Water Weekend

This weekend Cooper has had lots of water fun. On Saturday we took him to the beach for the first time and went to Saltburn-by-the-Sea. The beach at Saltburn is really long and flat and they do some great fish and chips too. As we drove into Saltburn with the windows of the campervan open Cooper went a bit crazy breathing in the sea air. He loved the sand and loved running and digging.


I tempted Cooper into the sea


as the waves chased us out



Then today we took Cooper for a lovely walk down to the river for a swim. As soon as he got near the river he was getting excited and its so lovely to be able to let him off the lead and for him to run off some steam. He was straight in and is getting much better at fetching sticks out of the river. He had a good little swim today.


He was pretty shattered after we had been along the river, so it was time for a little snooze


While we enjoyed a well earned pint at The Terrace in Ripon


along with a lush bite to eat. These were some gorgeous smoked haddock and leek fishcakes on a pea puree that I tucked into.


On a side note its been a while since we have been to The Terrace (just off “hospital hill”) in Ripon. Over the years it has changed hands many times and has been The Outside Inn, The Dog and Duck, Joe Rigatonis and The Terrace, but has never seemed to make it. We went a while ago when it was an Italian and it just didn’t meet expectations and the food wasn’t great. The new owners come from a long catering background with a good reputation and I’m pleased that its got some good trade. We’ll be certainly going back again to sit out in the sun and enjoy the good food.

Cooper’s now 13 weeks

So time certainly flies when you have a puppy in the house as I don’t know where the last 3 weeks have gone to since I did my last puppy post… but anyway, Cooper is now 13 weeks old and I thought I’d pop some more pictures of him on my blog so we can keep a good record of him growing up. These were taken this weekend.

Now puppies are very similar to babies in many ways.. you can buy them the best toys but they always have a favourite that wasn’t meant to be their toy in the first place. Cooper has taken a shine to this old frisbee type ball thing that the kids had years ago, that has been unearthed from the bottom of the garden recently.

cooper 12 weeks

cooper 12 weeks 2

cooper 12 weeks 3

cooper 12 weeks 4

He’s growing bigger every week, and learning all the time. He is such fun to have around and he gives so much back, you just have to look into his big brown eyes to see how much he loves you back. We have been out walking with him lots to get him used to different places in the area, which will form part of his longer walks in the coming months as its all about lots of familiarisation and socialisation at the moment. At the weekend we took him to one of the rivers close by and without much hesitation he was in swimming.. it was great and just what he needed on a hot day 🙂