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Protecting Staff from Seasonal Flu

As Winter approaches Bronco will be introducing a new initiative that will help protect staff from seasonal flu. I am in the process of organising for a local healthcare professional to come to the offices to administer the seasonal flu vaccines to all staff who have signed up to the scheme. The cost of this will all be covered by Bronco as an additional staff benefit.

We already provide staff with Bupa Private Healthcare cover which is there in case anyone needs specialist medical attention, or needs to get medical help above and beyond the NHS provision. So far, touch wood, we have only had one member of staff use the Bupa scheme for an operation but it was certainly worth it and the recovery time was much less than it should have been.

flu vaccine

With the flu vaccine it is hoped that we can all remain healthy through the winter which in turn will protect the company from the lost productivity from missed days and the reduced productivity on the initial return to work. As a medium sized business with 16 staff it is very important that we maintain high levels of customer service and work output throughout the months. We have a very low sickness record so far as staff tend to brave all illnesses to come to work, but often that can lead to the spread of infections, so hopefully we can protect against the influx of the flu virus into the offices.

The majority of the Bronco staff have signed up to the vaccination which will be taking place in the next week or so. At first there was a little apprehension at the thought of the needle, and memories of being lined up at school for various jabs but I’m sure it will be fine. I reckon I will need to go first to find out what it is like, and not scream too much!


  • Dan Harrison

    That’s a great idea for looking after your staff. It doesn’t cost a great deal compared to the lost productivity of a week or two if someone does end up with flu.


  • John

    This is just fantastic. I cannot praise this initiative enough. A happy work force is a profitable work force.