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Private Tutors in Yorkshire

Back in December last year I did a post about my decision to get a private tutor in Ripon for my eldest son, and I thought it was about time for an update. Miles has now had a private tutor once a week for an hour since just before Christmas. It has worked out really well and it’s well worth the extra money, and having to rearrange our weekends to fit in with the time slots.

We found Richard, who tutors Miles, via Chatterton Tuition which is run by Sara Chatterton. Chatterton Tuition took all the details of what we were looking for and the type of level Miles was at and then recommended a qualified tutor to us. It was really easy and it was the following week that Richard started. Miles was initially quite nervous about his new tutor, but he was settled within minutes of the first hour session starting.

Having a private tutor has boosted Miles’ self confidence and most importantly his literacy skills which is the goal. One way that Richard has managed to do this, and for Miles to jump up 2 levels in his assessments grades at school, is by making the literacy interesting. For the first few weeks Miles was learning the core basics of writing which is V.C.O.P …. Verbs, Connectives, Openings and Punctuation. The aim is to get a story written that is descriptive, with good sentences, using correct punctuation. It was helped by Richard setting interesting work, and we had a few weeks of describing monsters and scary castles. It all helps to get the creative juices flowing and now Miles is able to plan a piece of writing really well and then write good paragraphs with good description. He just needs to speed up on his handwriting as he sometimes can’t write what he wants fast enough.

Today Miles has been at Chatterton Tuition, which is based in Copgrove near Harrogate, for a specific 11+ Activity Day. Last night Miles was worrying that it was going to be really awful, but once I’d explained that it would be good, and we’d seen where it was being held on Google Streetview he settled down about it. When I picked him up today the first thing he asked was when he can go back again. He had a really fun day and learnt lots without realising it which is great. He was very pleased with his Chatterton Tuition T-shirt and certificate that he was given too.

For anyone who wants to give their child the best start, then a great deal of it comes down to getting the education right. Miles goes to a great school on the whole, but this top up with a private tutor has developed his self confidence and ability which is great.