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Private Tuition in Ripon

I have been saying for a few years now that I need to get my oldest son Miles a private tutor, and I have finally made my mind up to get sorted.

Miles is really bright and very good at Maths, spelling, ICT, science and all other subjects but has always struggled with his literacy. We have tended to put it down to being a boy so not that into writing like the girls in his class are, and often will have scruffy handwriting. But now that Miles is in Year 5 the pressure is on to improve and to get his abilities up. Miles’ birthday is at the very end of August so in school years it makes him the youngest in his class. If he had been born a few days later he would have been the very oldest in Year 4 which is a bit odd.

Even though Miles is the youngest in his class he has always been in the top group, but I often think that his immaturity makes him more susceptible to messing about a bit in class. Over the years, the parents evenings have been all along the same lines of that he is doing very well in his maths and IT, but not so good in literacy, and he needs to concentrate more and be distracted less. I also think this is hereditary too as Dave always says that he was always top of the class and finished his work first, but then got told off for distracting others and messing about.

The other thing at the back of my mind is the 11+ exam to get into Ripon Grammar School which happens to be one of the top schools in the country and on our doorstep. I know that kids aren’t meant to be primed for the 11+ but having practiced the test papers with my niece a few years ago, I certainly feel kids need to prepared as some of the structure of the questions in the tests are quite tricky. Hopefully I’ll get a tutor that can improve Miles’ literacy skills and practice 11+ papers with him too.

Update: I’d just like to say Thanks to Sara from Chatterton Tuition for helping me find Miles a tutor … lets hope it all works out, but I’ll keep you updated.


  • James Inman

    A tutor – both to improve on some subjects, and then later, for getting into Grammar School – was one of the best decisions my parents ever made for me. Absolutely invaluable.

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