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Postcode Software

I am pulling together a proposal for a client who requires a rebuild of their ecommerce site and they want all the “bells and whistles” adding to it. As we build our own ecommerce systems in house we can provide clients with a system that matches their unique requirements. You rarely get products these days that can be added to a system that has one picture, a single variation and a single price. That would be so much easier, but we tend to build the more complex systems for products that have multiple images, colours, sizes and options. Building your own ecommerce solutions rather than relying on a shop-in-a-box system also means that we can make sure everything is SEO’d at the start, and we even include all of that if clients don’t become SEO clients .. its just how we design and develop things naturally.

One plugin that I have been investigating though, that we can’t build inhouse, that requires the integration of third party software, is Postcode Software. You know the clever bit in the checkout where you can add your postcode and house number and the system fills in the rest of the address. We have had clients request this before but they have never gone the whole hog when they find out the cost of the service, so I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a good Postcode Software package and what sort of costs are involved these days.