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Out of Office Email Responder

So the dilemma is … do I or do I not? This is the question? I refer to what to do for the best when you’re out of the office for a period of time. I would normally set an Out of Office on my emails when I go to a conference or go on holiday, but I get so much spam emails and I think every time I set my auto responder I end up getting more.

But if I don’t set my autoresponder would I have to inform all of the possible people that may contact me over the next week while I’m on holiday that I’m not going to be at my desk, or do I have to be constantly checking my Blackberry to respond to people, or do I do nothing? I can’t do “nothing” as that’s not how we have built the company as we have based it on good customer service and fast responses, but I don’t want loads more spam.

I presume that if an autoresponder is on, then as the spam email comes in, the autoresponder triggers a reply which then confirms that the email address is active so you get put on the BIG spam email list and sold on to many others. It would be so much better if there was just another way.

Hmmm but there isn’t, so for me to have a relaxing holiday and to try to keep away from work for a bit then I will have to set my responder and cope with the increase in spam when I get back I suppose.


  • Russell Hughes

    Use premium Google Mail. We switched to this for all our mail rather then run an in-house Exchange server. It’s superb for something like £35 a year. You can share diaries, sync mail, calenders and contacts with your mobile devices, all your mail is backed up to the could and the reason form my comment……..drum role…… can set the auto responder to respond only to people who are in your contacts 🙂

  • Diane

    It’s tempting to not have the autoresponder on. Email everyone who normally emails you and say you’ll be out of the office for a week but provide alternative contact details.
    The temptation to check emails whilst on holiday is unbearable though and you will!
    The premium version of gmail sounds useful though!