My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

Our Annual Week Away

Every year we get one full week on holiday out of the office which we relish, but also deep down I stress about quite a bit. Its hard, even after 10 years running a business to actually take time out of the office, partly because you worry that something might “happen” but also for me I always have so much to catch up with even if I am away for just a few days. I know that we need to take holidays, but what I have also trained myself to do over the last few years is to just relax and forget about work for a bit while we are away, and this year I was very good and left my Blackberry in the apartment while we were out during the day, only doing a couple of email checks each day. All was fine back at the office as expected, but I still am in the midst of catching up, and we have hit a busy patch at the moment with an influx of new enquiries.. which is all good and means it’s just double speed for me this week 🙂

While we were away and when the week was coming to an end, Dave was saying that we should do a 2 week break next year. A little shiver went through me with fear! To be honest if I was on holiday for 2 weeks, vegetating around the pool, sunbathing and reading, only to move to go to the bar or get more food I think it would be so much harder to get back into the swing of things. Towards the end of this week away, I was actually looking forward to getting back into the office after recharging my batteries. I’m very glad I enjoy my job and actually like going to work.. makes it a whole lot easier.

Anyway .. here are some of the holidays snaps. We didn’t do a great deal during the week, like I said it was about sunbathing, reading, sleeping, drinking and eating, but we did have one day trip out to Gibraltar which was great.

To get into Gibraltar you need your passport as you cross the border, some English money (but most places do take Euros) and to get to the city you have to cross the runway at the airport. It was odd to seeing Union Jacks flying and red telephone boxes, it was like visiting home again, but the sun was shining.

gibraltar runway

This is me and the kids on the runway with the impressive “rock” behind us

becky and the kids gibraltar

We took the bus and headed straight to the Cable Car to go to the top of the Rock

dave and the kids at Gibraltar

to see the apes

crazy monkey

becky and monkey

monkey chilling

The rest of the holiday while we did very little, the kids played lots of football and made lots of new friends

kids football

Took part in the organised water polo and water basketball each afternoon

water polo miles and ethan

Played some beach football

kids beach football

Had some fun in the pool and on the slides

kids waterslides

Practiced some rugby

ethan rugby

Went swimming in the sea

miles in the sea

and had crazy hair

ethan crazy hair

Here’s to next year 🙂