My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

Organising the Kids in the Morning

The morning routine in our home has changed over the years depending on how old the kids are. I have always worked and with each son I worked up to 2 weeks before I was due to give birth, and then had about 6 months maternity leave off work. (I had the kids before we owned Bronco and used to be a Manager at a large local company)

So when they were babies and they were going to a local nursery each day, there would be a lot of organising to be done, mainly to make sure they had all they needed for the day such as food, nappies and spare clothes. The older Miles and Ethan get the “easier” it has become. Easy isn’t really the right word … I suppose it has just moved to a different stage as now they are able to do so much more for themselves.

The main thing that I always try to do is to get organised the night before. This way I’m not rushing around in the morning trying to find their uniform or making sure they have done any homework. Miles and Ethan will get themselves dressed and just go to their pile of clothes and get sorted if their uniform is all out and ready for them.

The other thing that I try to do is to stick to a routine and the same routine each morning. This way the kids get used to the semi “military” approach and know what to do and in what order. There isn’t much for them to do in the morning and how it goes depends if they wake up naturally or if I have to wake them up. If I have to wake them up I try to give them enough tme to come round before breakfast. So in the morning for the kids its wake up, play, breakfast, brush teeth (normally by me), get dressed, play, shoes on, coats on, grab bags and into the car. Sounds so simple! Obviously on the way they are guided through the routine with me moving them on to the next task, sometimes with a louder voice than normal 🙂

The other main rule is to make sure that you allow yourself some time to get ready in the morning. There is no point sending your kids off to school looking smart while you look like a complete wreck. I drop both the kids off at school in the morning and then head straight to work so I need to make sure that I don’t look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, so always allocate some ME time.