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Organising for a Trip

I often wonder why I do it….. I say to Dave that what a good idea it will be to go to a particular conference with him, and then it hits me in the run up to going just how much I have to do to get organised for a trip. It takes Dave about ten minutes to grab some clothes from his wardrobe to chuck into a suitcase, and a bit longer to get any presentations ready that are needed for the conference, but for me it seems to be weeks of build up.

Before we confirm and book to go away I first of all need to organise grandparents to look after the kids. For the trip we are making to New York on Saturday to SES New York we are roping in both sets of grandparents to look after the kids for a few days each. I have been compiling lists for the last few weeks and steadily getting things in order so that I know that every eventuality is covered and it reaffirms to me how much you do automatically as a Mum, when you have to start writing lists.

The other day I wrote out the schedule for the week for the kids. It would be great if they just simply went to school every day, but we’ve got extra football practice on a Tuesday, swimming lessons on a Wednesday, Brazilian soccer on a Wednesday evening and Ethan has got a school trip on Thursday. Not only that but there are pets to keep fed and cleaned out to write instructions for as well as even writing instructions on how to use the washing machine and turn the complex TV set up on.

We’re flying out of Manchester to New York on Saturday morning for seven nights but I have had to contend with BA going on strike which directly affected our original flights out of Heathrow, so I had to get a refund and quickly rebook with an alternative airline. I didn’t need that stress, but we are all sorted on that count now, and the flights actually work out better for us.

Then there is having a week off work to organise for. I’ve been doing the work this week that I would normally do next week in the run up to the month end such as work schedules, as well as getting the accountant to get the pay slips raised early so that I can set up the bank transfers so we pay everyone on time, oh and getting extra biscuits and supplies delivered so we don’t run out. Even though while we are in New York I’ll be picking up and responding to my emails during the day and keeping up to date with happenings on the laptop it’s not the same as physically being there. Thankfully the guys at Bronco are perfectly capable of dealing with pretty much anything that crops up while we are away, and if they can’t deal with something then I will when I get back or from New York.

Now that I am pretty much there with sorting everything out I’m feeling pretty wiped out. I think for the last few weeks I have kept going on adrenalin while my head has been buzzing with planning everything, and now that all I need to do is put the clothes that I have sorted out into a suitcase and remember to set the alarm for an early wake up (around 5am urgh!) on Saturday morning I will have completed everything that I need to do.

It should be a great trip and we already have a couple of dinners planned with old friends, and I’m looking forward to meeting more of Dave’s US based SEO friends that he has talked about for years that haven’t been at any of the UK conferences that I have been to. No doubt I’ll miss the kids like mad and worry about them, but I’ll check in with them on their mobiles and I’m sure they will have a great time. I always remember as a kid going to stay with B (my grandmother who is a ripe old age now of 87 and has today got another great grandchild. She now has 6 grandkids and 10 great grand kids – pretty good going) and my sister and I loved it. I even remember a time that my sister was crying hysterically as she didn’t want to leave B’s. I still love spending time with B at Robin Hoods Bay and I think us going away gives the kids a great opportunity to bond with their grandparents which is priceless (plus they get spoilt rotton!)

So New York here we come!


  • Carla

    Don’t forget to bring us some sweeties back – Dave promised!!!! LOL

  • Becky

    @carla .. lol .. I’ll add that to my new list 🙂

  • matt - webshoptimizer

    Hi becky,

    I’m looking forward to see you and Dave again.

    Till next week!

    Your Dutch friends 😉

  • Richard

    Take some time out in New York Becky, get on the fab metro go down to soho and get yourself a pastrami sandwich yummy!!

  • Aussiewebmaster

    Make sure you have a lunch day free to come to Russian Tea Room with me and a few other women of SEO.