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Olympic Torch in Ripon

When the route for the Olympic Torch was announced earlier on in the year and Ripon was on the list, I wasn’t too bothered, but the excitement or should I say anticipation started to increase. Today we have been in the office watching the live feed and getting ready to watch the Olympic Torch coming through Ripon. I had to dash out of the office to meet the kids from school and then find a good vantage point, while the guys from the office made their way up to the Cathedral a bit later on.

We were waiting for about half an hour and when the roads had been closed the crowds swelled and there was a steady flow of police bikes and police cars. The party atmosphere started when the sponsor floats came past with loud music and a countdown for when the torch would arrive.

Then we saw the torch which was pretty impressive..

Not content with seeing it once, we made a dash across the market square and saw it again

and then headed to see it again as it stopped outside the Cathedral

It was well worth going to see, and now we’re looking forward to going to see Brazil vs New Zealand play football in the Olympics.


  • Judith

    Wow. what a historic moment for you both and the boys and so lucky to have the torch coming so near to home!!!

  • Ben

    Gutted that I missed it :-0