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Officially Hen-less

Three years ago, nearly to the day, we decided that we would have some hens roaming around in the back garden, Tilly, Milly and Bella.

Back in June last year we lost our first hen to a fox, then sadly on Boxing Day we found another one missing and a trail of feathers leading out of the bottom of the garden… and this morning when I went out to feed her, we’d forgotten to lock up the run last night and not only was there the normal feather trail down the bottom of the garden but there was evidence of an attack in the hen house 🙁

Its such as big shame and I feel so sorry to the poor hens who we didn’t protect enough, and really annoyed that Mr Fox has decided to come to our garden for his food. This all started when a small holding with lots of chickens sprang up at Bishopton, close to our house which we can only think has brought the foxes in. For the first 2 years of having the hens we had no trouble at all, and then now one mistake ends up in a death.

Here are a few snaps of my 3 girls!
Love this one of them eating their porridge from a frisbee 🙂

welsummer hens 1

welsummer hens 2

welsummer hens 3

With the fox now roaming around we really can’t get any more hens which is a real shame so need to find a home for my Eglu Go and the extended run we added on last year, so if you know anyone that wants it let me know.

Eglu and extended run

Can you believe it though that Miles’ guinea pig that we got in August 2006, so its 7 years old is still alive and well…this is the day we got the guinea pigs.

pinky guinea pig

And we have still got Poppy Cat who we adopted .. this is the photo from January 2009 when she came to live with us

poppy cat


  • Simon

    Eglu, Hi Becky. I am looking at some Hens. How much for the Eglu ? please feel free to email me x

  • judith hunt

    so sad about the last of your hens but amazing about Miles guinea pig….how old in human years, ancient???