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New Bronco Team page

We thought it was time for a revamp of the Bronco team page since the pictures were starting to look very out of date as many of them had been there for over 4 years and we are all starting to look a bit older 🙂

We brought in Morgan Photography who did our original pictures, but this time we had a different brief for them. Kean took the role of “creative director” to make sure that the pictures that we had taken were of a similar style but were kept unique to each person.

The old team page used to look like this

At the time they were great, but the new team page looks even better

and I’m loving my profile page

I don’t like having my photo taken, as I’m pretty unphotogenic at the best of times but I like this one 🙂

One Comment

  • Ben

    Good job we managed to pick a day when the sun was shining rather than us all having to pose with umbrellas