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Need to Put my Time to Better Use

I have been considering this for a while and the more I think about it the more I get annoyed at myself for wasting time that is pretty limited at best. What is it that I refer to? …well it’s the interaction and checking that I seem to do far too regularly on Twitter and Facebook. And why do I do it? .. I think it’s because if I don’t then I might miss out on something that’s going on. And do I miss out on anything that’s going on? … not really.

Dave often asks me “What’s going on, on Twitter” and I often say “Nothing”, which kind of sums it up really. I follow 473 people on Twitter, and I’m followed by 1322 people. Really .. I don’t know all these people and if we met in the street I wouldn’t know who on earth they are. Why do 1322 people want to follow what randomness tweets that I post … are they really that interested in what I have to say? The people who I have actually spent any decent length of time with, am related to, or have had a real conversation with in person would be less than 200 people I reckon and these may be the people that I want to share stuff with. But stuff that I would share with staff would be different to what I would share with family, and different again to the stuff I would share with industry friends compared with total strangers, so in that sense I do at times feel the need to censor what I am tweeting anyway.

And then there is dear Facebook, which I kind of left alone for a couple of years and then decided to publish my tweets to Facebook recently. I have 207 friends on Facebook, but again would I stop in the street and talk to some of them .. the old work colleagues, the old school acquaintances… probably not as we don’t really have much in common anymore. You may think that you know me because you kind of have a channel into my life, but you don’t really know me.

There will be some real friends that I will miss the odd back and forth chat with on Twitter and Facebook, but as you are my real friends you have my mobile number to contact me, my IM to message me, or my email address… and you never know I may be back, but will hopefully have some more time to blog. But while I’m not there I hope you enjoy the random tweets from strangers where you pick up snippets of conversations, catch up with what people are having for lunch, and where people are checking in at on Foursquare .. but for a while I’m going to keep myself to myself and see what it was like before Twitter and Facebook again. 🙂

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