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My New Look Blog

After 6 months of blogging on, and with the rebranding of the Bronco and David Naylor logo’s we thought it was time to move away from the old templated blog design that I had and get one created especially for me.

Thanks to Kean at Bronco for coming up with the design, while managing to incorporate my flowers which I really love… you’ve done a great job as ever. The functionality on the blog hasn’t changed that much, but you will now be able to see your faces in the comments on the posts if you have a Gravatar set up. Also we have made the main home page shorter by only displaying the beginning of the posts so that the load times will increase when I have long posts with lots of pictures in.

My blog is now officially part of the Bronco family so I will always aim to keep my blog honest and informative, and hopefully at times entertaining. I’ll still be covering the same topics as before to give you glimses of my life running a growing business, as well as how I manage to spend lots of time with my kids too. So enjoy…


  • Bas van den Beld

    wow, pink! But a nice pink I must say. Looks good Becky!

  • Kean

    Glad you like it, it’s always difficult to design for someone who looks at websites everyday