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My Lovely Hens

Hurray, my Welsummer hens are back laying after a long summer, autumn and winter with no eggs. A bit crazy really but they stopped laying around the end of May last year as they all got broody for months. We have had an egg a day now for the last 3 days and its so lovely to go and collect an egg from the hen house. Here are my lovely hens, Tilly, Milly & Bella this morning..

Tilly Milly Bella 2
Tilly Milly Bella

And here are the three lovely fresh, free range, corn fed eggs – each with their own distinct shell colour.

hens eggs

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  • Sam Kidd

    Wish I had the room for hens. I remember the hens my Grandmother had when I was young. The eggs have so so much more flavor than the eggs you buy in the supermarket.