My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

Mighty DubFest 2014

This weekend we headed off to Northumberland to go to Mighty Dub Fest at Druridge Bay Country Park. We hadn’t been to this event before, and this was the first outing for us with PeggySue Puck, our latest addition.

We set off straight after the kids finished school and had got showered and changed, on Friday afternoon. We had arranged to meet up with our friends from the Harrogate and District VW club there, to camp with them, but we’d planned to make our own way there. All was going great until we hit traffic and it turned out that the A19 at Hartlepool was closed in both directions because of an accident. Sat in a slow moving traffic jam, in a 50 year old bus, in the rain isn’t the ideal start to a weekend. We headed off down some chocker block country lanes to try to get back on the A19 at a different junction but no joy so had a bit of a pitstop.

Here’s our mini convoy

mollie peggysue and bob

We got there eventually (after a 4 hour drive) and couldn’t get into the club camping where we were supposed to as it was full, but also in a very muddy field so we were actually pleased we could find our own spot which we did in the end and managed to track everyone else down too. This was our camp

the hdvw camp

the camp at might dub fest

This was the first time away without a tent to sleep in, so the boys were in Bob in his new full width bed, and Dave, me and Cooper were in PeggySue. We loved it and next time it will be even better as we have learnt a few things this time round.

camping at mighty dub fest

Check out the amazing blue sky we were treated to on Saturday!

And this is the view across the lake from our campsite, pretty stunning!

druridge bay

Everyone had a great weekend … Cooper got to chill out, go on the beach, swim in the lake and meet loads of new friends.

cooper at might dub fest

The kids got into loombands .. and by the end of the weekend everyone was wearing loomband bracelets

loom bands

One thing that was a shame though was that Mollie was entered into the Show and Shine but the show field, after some more rain during the night on Saturday, was muddy and rutted and even though she would have got up the hill to the display we didn’t want her to have to be dragged off at the end of the day. She could have won too!

the show field

We had a good drive home in a convoy with no incidents or breakdowns so that was a perfect end to a fab weekend. Roll on Camperjam in a few weeks.