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Microsoft Bing

Dave is up at the crack of dawn in the morning, which means I’ll be up to, as he is catching the early train to London, as he has been invited to the Microsoft Search Summit. The hot topic on the agenda is no doubt going to be Bing.

I have used Bing a few times in the last week but haven’t switched over yet as I’m so stuck with Google. It’s what we are so used to using to check rankings, titles, snippets, competitors … everything to do with SEO to benchmark success for a client. Bing though has got so many excellent features it won’t be long until they start attracting more users, it will just take a while to convert anyone in search marketing to abandon Google.

I have though been really impressed with the photography on Bing and thought I’d catalogue a few cool ones.



  • Bronson

    Hi Becky,

    Those images are wonderful.

    Number 3 is quite an alien looking landscape – I think it’s a place called The Chocolate Hills, a very unusual geological formation in Bohol, Philippines –

  • Becky

    Cheers @bronson, when I saw the pic i wondered if it was real. Chocolate Hills … be cool if they were real chocolate!

  • James Morell

    Those are some amazing photos Becky. If Microsft were really smart, they’d have a ‘see this’ or ‘go here’ link through to their holiday channel so we’d all know where to go to see these things. I’d love to go and see the bridge in the last picture.

  • Rory