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How to Merge 2 Twitter Accounts

If for what ever reason you have ended up with a couple of Twitter accounts over the years, whether for personal or business, there will come a point that you will start thinking about needing to merge the 2 accounts. Unfortunately there is no official way in Twitter to take 2 accounts and to fully merge the historic tweets, followers and messages. Often though there will be one account that is being used as the prime which is the one that needs sorting.

For nearly a year now I have been actively involved in Ripon Rugby Club, starting out helping get a decent web presence back online, to becoming the Communication Officer and on the Senior Committee, as well as the Fundraising Committee. As part of the increase in awareness and communication that we are putting in place we have a growing Twitter following and this is what my challenge was today.

The club had 2 accounts.

@riponrugby which was defunct, not posted on since 2012, set up by people not really involved in the club anymore, but has 418 followers and is a good Twitter handle. It was still collecting followers and tweets even though I had posted to push people to the active account.

Then there is

@riponrugbyclub1 which has sprung up in the last year or so, is an active account, has 426 followers .. but isn’t particularly memorable in its name.

So the goal was to turn @riponrugbyclub1 into @riponrugby. This is the process that I went through.

1. Open 2 browser windows such as Chrome and Firefox and log in to each account.
2. I made sure that each account had a seperate email address, which was one of mine as I would need to verify the account at some stage so I altered one of the email addresses.
3. Verified the email address change so that we were all set.

Now the Twitter name that I wanted to change @riponrugbyclub1 into was already taken so I needed to free up the name.

4. Went into @riponrugby and changed the name to @riponrugby2012

This now frees up the @riponrugby name to be picked up

5. Then went to the @riponrugbyclub1 account and changed the name to @riponrugby , so now we have rebranded the active account to the better Twitter name
6. In the old account that is now @riponrugby2012 I altered the profile to kill it off and added a Tweet

ripon rugby twitter

7. Then on the newly named @riponrugby account I tweaked the profile a little and added an update tweet

new ripon rugby twitter

8. Then I was logged in as the new @riponrugby and checked the people that were following the account and followed a few back that would be useful to keep up to date with, and then next I went to the @riponrugby2012 accounts and went through the old followers on that account and followed anyone relevant from the @riponrugby account.

9. Next I contacted all of the parents of the age grade members that make up a large proportion of the club and informed them of the change in the Twitter account, as well as updating both the websites.

10. Next up will be a short News item on the main club website to spread the word and a couple of notices up at the clubhouse.

Hopefully this will do it … and we can move on with the better Twitter handle for the future and people will get used to the switch quite quickly.