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Memories of a Newborn

Tonight there are big Congratulations in order for Rory and Mel for the safe arrival of their new baby girl called Olivia. Rory has worked for Dave and me at Bronco for nearly 7 years and joined the company as a teenager, in the early days of the company when we were just starting out. He initially started working in the hardware division but in the last couple of years Dave has trained him up and Rory is now part of the SEO team.

It was a weird feeling tonight when I got a text message, hot off the press from Rory to say that he’d just got a baby girl…. I just had to text back WOW, before I could send my best wishes to him and his wife Mel as well as some maternal advice. It has brought back loads of memories when just over 10 years ago myself and Dave were in the same situation… in a hospital with our first baby after waiting those long 9 months for the baby to arrive.

Along with all the scariness (and of course pain) that comes with giving birth comes a huge amount of joy and amazement. Nothing can replace that feeling of the baby being born when the adrenaline kicks in and you’re in such a surreal and happy place. That’s when your body totally blanks out the pain, otherwise the human race wouldn’t carry on. I’ve often said to Dave that I wouldn’t mind being pregnant again, not for the all day sickness I had with both kids for the first 15 weeks, but for the later stages of pregnancy and the birth. Obviously having another baby is totally off the agenda but it’s like one of those things when you randomly talk about getting a puppy… and the answer is certainly no!

My sister and Dave were there at Miles’ birth, and we laughed a lot especially when my sister decided that she was going to try some of the amazing gas and air. Talk about being off her head! When the labour started to get serious we started to get serious, and out came Miles. The thing that you just cannot prepare for, that they don’t talk about in books, is the instant love that you have for your new baby and then the confusion of what to do next. I read loads of books while I was pregnant, researching all that I could, but you now have to pick up this new born baby, dress it, change the nappies, bath it, feed it and then do this over and over again for years and years!

I remember the first night in hospital when Dave and my sister had gone home, and we’d had the visits from the grandparents, just to be there in a room all alone, just me and a brand new baby. I don’t think I slept a wink that night just in case Miles woke up or cryed in his cot. On the contrary when I had Ethan a couple of years later I slept like a log on the first night and brought him into bed with me for a cuddle. During the first night you turn from being a woman into being a mother, (perhaps a fairy comes and sprinkles “mummy dust” on you) but that maternal feeling will never leave you and turns you instantly into the protector of your kids, and you’ll do anything for them – always. Pretty amazing really!

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  • Carps

    Happy memories indeed! I had much the same when Josh came home for his first night… every time I *couldn’t* hear him breathing I leapt up to check that he was OK. But that first sight of them, looking up out of a blanket at you… best of times 🙂