My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

Making the Most of Your Time

This is something that I am constantly trying to do to make sure I fit in everything that needs to be done aswell as spending quality time with the kids and Dave.

People often ask how Dave and I manage to work together and be very happily married at the same time. I suppose it doesn’t come easily but we wouldn’t change it for anything, especially the excitement that comes with running your own business. Even though that we do work together we don’t see each other all the time throughout the day, and anyone who knows Dave will know that he gets transfixed with his dual monitors. Years ago when we used to all work in the same office in the old building we used to sit next to each other and I still used to IM him to see if he wanted to go for lunch 🙂

A few days ago we were in Budapest at the Affiliate Conference and we made sure that we made time to do some sight seeing to make the most of the time we had away without the kids. We got back from Budapest late on Saturday night and the kids weren’t due back until Sunday evening so we decided to spend some “quality time” and headed off to Harewood House near Leeds to see the Supercars that were on show. Now that we have Bob The Camper Van every journey we make is fun as you get people waving at you, putting their thumbs up and kids pointing. Heads turned as we roared down the drive at Harewood.

If you love cars then here are a few pics from the day, and even Bob got in on the action!

ferrari f360tvr orangetvr blackporscheharewoodbob