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M & S Christmas Advert Sexist

This is what is being reported today as the Advertising Standards Authority has received 8 complaints about the section of the advert where Ashes to Ashes star Philip Glenister makes his comment about what makes Christmas special. It is said to be demeaning to women.

Hang on a minute, roll back … just to confirm I did say 8 complaints … oh my god does that really warrant a serious problem with a TV advert seen by millions to set in place an investigation over what should be done? What a crazy nanny state that we live in.

If any of you haven’t seen the advert it has been aired over the last week or so and has various celebrities saying “Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without …” The offensive and sexist part is when Philip says “… that girl prancing around in her underwear” and on comes a stunning model in her bra and knickers. I’m not really sure what part of that line or scene is sexist or demeaning, I certainly don’t find it at all offensive and it is typical of the character from Ashes to Ashes. At the start of the advert there is Stephen Fry saying that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a little mince … referring to mincemeat … I wonder if that was offensive to anyone?

Sometimes I think that the world has gone a bit mad and some serial complainers will always find something to complain about, to spoil the enjoyment for the majority of the “normal” people.

Take a look for yourself and see what you think…


  • Kean

    I think they investigate complaints even if they get just one, but really the complaint is stupid.

    The comment about girls prancing around is only there because M&S has set a precedent in showing those sorts of adverts. Some people really should just loosen up and get a hobby rather than complaining about stuff.

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  • Paul Carruthers

    I love it – these guys surely keep me entertained – the same guys I bet who were responsible for banning Baa Baa Black Sheep because it’s racist making it baa baa rainbow sheep, and banning Brain Storm to make Brain Cloud. I am also sure that these guys are sat in thier house, bored, can’t do the gardening because it’s winter… thinking what can I moan about!

  • Ben

    It would not surprise me if the 8 complaints originated from the Ad agency that were commissioned to produce it as a way of getting it to a wider audience especially given that the part that is “allegedly” offensive comes right at the end.