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Looking Forward to the Bronco Dinner

I am often arranging for various nights out where we can take all the staff from work out for a treat. This may consist of a meal, a barbeque, seeing a comedian, a poker night, 10 pin bowling or going to the horse races. The more staff that we have the harder it gets to pick a date that everyone can make it to, and to do something that everyone enjoys, but we tend to manage it.

Tonight we are celebrating the end of the (financial) year at Bronco – which actually ended on the 30th June but this was the first free Friday night for everyone. The past year has been a good one for Bronco, seeing a good increase in clients, turnover, size and profit. Dave and I are taking all the staff from Bronco to The Old Deanery in Ripon which is our favourite restaurant in Ripon as it has a really homely atmosphere and amazing food. It is the usual haunt where we take fellow SEO’s and friends visiting us or clients for lunch / dinner.

The Old Deanery, Ripon

The Old Deanery, Ripon

When we take the company out we have set a precedent that we pay for everything, from the drinks before, during and after dinner, all the food and even pay for any taxis required or overnight accomodation. If we take the guys to the races for instance we make sure everyone gets their ticket in as well as providing everyone enough gambling money to enjoy themselves with and hopefully come away with some winnings.

So tonight will be a bit of a mad rush for me as I need to finish work, get home and see the kids who have been away all week, get changed and then get to the pub for 6.30pm to meet everyone before dinner. It should be a really good night and I think everyone is looking forward to it. It will be a good way for the new starters to get to know everyone and vice versa, and it helps to build an even stronger team.


  • Dom Hodgson

    When we went to dinner at the Old Deanery, the food was fantastic, the atmosphere and staff were great, would return often if it wasn’t a 3 hour trip 🙂

  • Becky

    @dom yep that was a good night… we should do it again sometime, maybe you should stay over in the hotel next time.