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Looking for a Different Type of Holiday

It’s always left to me to sort out the family holidays because if I didn’t then we just would never get away for a break. We said a few years ago that it is really important to get a rest from work and to spend as much quality time as possible with the kids while they are growing up. It makes life pretty hectic though, but fun all the same. Whenever I always ask the kids where they want to go on holiday it normally starts with DisneyLand, but I have been recently looking at ski holidays as an option which would be different as I’ve never been skiing.

There are even cool ski deals available where you pay for the first child and the second goes free, but since I’ve never been skiiing in my life, apart from a slide down the garden as a kids in some oversized ski boots and skis, I’m not sure if the holiday would be stressful or enjoyable. I’m quite an impatient person and if I can’t do something it really frustrates me so I may just end up sulking all holiday if I’m no good. I think what I probably need to do is look into the options a bit more or ideally find somewhere hot that we can go to during the Winter months so all I have to worry about is when its going to be beer o’clock.

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  • Chris

    How about going to Xscape for some lessons first?