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Looking Ahead to March

I can’t quite believe that February is just about over. Even though it’s only a few days shorter than most months it really seems to have flown by. Monday will be the 1st which is always a busy day for me at Bronco as I make sure the entire schedule is in place for the SEO clients, that the reports for the previous month are progressing and I help out Janet, who does our accounts, by getting the majority of the invoices sent.

We have a couple of new clients starting in March on the SEO side, as well as a site due to go live on Tuesday, and then new web projects to get started. It’s no different really from any other month at Bronco as we manage to find resources to handle more and more work efficiently to continue to grow.

The month ahead has a few events that I’m looking forward to and as the month pans out I’m sure more will come along. On March 5th Dave is travelling to London for a big meeting with a prospective client and that evening he will be appearing on SkyNews with Martin Stanford during the programme at 7pm. It’s pretty exciting and it will certainly be weird seeing Dave on prime time TV. Hopefully he doesn’t completely brick it and comes across as the cool genius he is.

Next up on the 14th March is Mothers Day. Not sure what the plan is for this day, but I really love getting the cute homemade cards from the kids and potentially a nice lie in!

Later in the month on the 20th March Dave and I fly out to New York for SES New York. I’m really looking forward to it, but as always starting to get apprehensive about leaving the kids and work for six days, but I’m sure everything will be just fine. Let’s just hope that the BA strike doesn’t affect our flights and that we can travel as planned. I’m looking forward to doing a bit of sightseeing and shopping while we are in New York and also to have a good conference. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of the US SEO’s that I haven’t yet met and most of all I’m looking forward to hanging out with Dave.

While I’m in New York I’ll turn 35. My birthday is on Friday 26th March, but when the clock rolls past midnight in the UK (my official birthday), it will be 20.00 on the 25th March in New York (-4 hours DST time) and I will probably at the airport waiting to check in for the flight home. It will be the longest birthday that I have had… can’t quite work out how long it will be with all the time zones, but we land in London at 09.25 on the 26th March ready to start my birthday again when we get home. Actually quick calculation … I think my birthday will be 28 hours and 10 minutes long, and I’ll probably only get a few hours sleep on the plane back, so I’ll be awake for most of it.

On the 28th March the clocks in the UK go forward an hour, so we lose an hour in bed but the great thing about it is that it will start getting lighter in the evenings and Spring will have started.


  • Carla

    My birthday is in March too!!!

  • Bill Bennett

    So’s mine! I’m planning to fly with BA too next month though – fingers crossed for no strike!