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Life After Being Social

So 10 days ago I decided enough was enough and quit Twitter and Facebook. My accounts are still there as I don’t intend to just go and delete them, but my intention was to stop the obsession with these sites. I’m doing quite well.

Now I wasn’t a social media site addict, but there are traits that I was falling into that could have had me clinically described as addicted I suppose, and I don’t think that I am alone by any stretch of the imagination. If you can say yes to any of these then you probably have a problem…

The first thing I do in a morning is check my Twitter feed?

I have updates and notifications popping up all day at work on my browser that I’m often distracted by?

When a good or bad thing happens, the first thing I think about doing is tweeting it out to everyone?

With all the social platforms out there, we are starting to forget about our real lives and being properly social with real people that we would actually want to share our time with. Twitter is a platform for boasting about where you are, what you have just done, or how amazing your life is for literally everyone and anyone to be able to read. Do we really want or need to have our lives that open?

So since I quit I have felt a nice relief to be able to go about my day to day “exciting” life without feeling the need to give a running commentary about what I have done or what I am about to do. One of the most time consuming things that I used to do was trying to keep up with the volume of randomness that is posted feeling like you have to keep track of everyone else’s lives as well as your own in case you miss something. Now I feel that if I miss something today, I’ll get to hear about it tomorrow, or the next day. It’s a bit like not being invited to a party so you feel like you will be missing out on something, but it’s a crap party anyway. I do still nip onto Twitter, maybe twice a day just to check out my Bronco list which has Bronco people on it old and new, and 3 family members who are the people that I actually want to keep up to date with … but haven’t posted anything (but will need to tweet & fb this so you get to read it)

To anyone who is getting a bit tired and bogged down with having to keep up a social profile then I would recommend taking a bit of a social holiday and try living in the real world for a bit and regaining some time and your privacy back. 🙂


  • bob rains

    Bravo! I was thinking just the other day I should kill all my profiles and either give them up totally or start anew but keep it close next time.

    We should start a cult of social media born-againers who kill their own profiles and then talk others into killing their own profiles and open new more exclusive profiles on unused social media sites like friendster. Retro Interneting, only use lycos and hot bot, only post pictures and other status update goodness on BBS and IRC.

    We will be like the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar skimming the under-surface of the matrix, virtually invisible to the fools waisting their life life away pinning, tweeting or taking part in cia investigations on facebook.

    Long live Social Media Zombies!

  • Becky

    Cheers Bob … Sounds like the start of a revolution 🙂

  • Elaine

    Mmmm – I like my Twitter. Working from home it gives me back a little bit of the banter ( and sometimes gossip) that I do miss from my former working life, and at least once a day it gives me a smile.
    I also find it extremely useful for pointing me in the direction of excellent information – especially over night from my American Twittites.
    It keeps me in touch with all the fantastic people I’ve met through the internet and that I don’t get to meet often enough now.
    I don’t have notifications – that WOULD annoy me, so I dip in and out depending on how busy I am.

    I do hope you don’t abandon it alltogether, but I’ll take this opportunity of wishing you and Dave a lovely, romantic day when you renew your Vows 🙂

  • Melanie Nathan

    I really admire what you’re doing Becky. Although I’ve been feeling bogged down by social media too lately, if I’m not ‘out there’ interacting on FB and twitter, I feel like I’m losing out on potential business opportunities. The irony is, if I hadn’t been on twitter just now, I might never had found this (and your previous post!