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Dubs int’ Dales 2013 Recap

We’ve just got back from a great weekend camping at Camp Hill near Bedale for the Dubs int’ Dales End of Season camp out. The show was pulled together in a really short space of time but there was a great turn out of people camping for the weekend as well as day visitors.

We couldn’t make it on the Friday as Dave was heading back from a week in Munich from the SEOktoberfest conference so we headed there on Saturday morning in Bob & Mollie.

bob and mollie

We joined the Harrogate and District VW Club camp that had been organised and we were all set. Since most of us had camped together at Field of Dreams in York a few weeks before we were all pretty organised, and we’d made sure to bring the club flag, the gazebo, the BBQ & charcoal and plenty of logs for the fire…oh and not forgetting the new marshmallow skewers and marshmallows.

HDVW club camp

On Saturday late afternoon there had been a convoy organised to take in some of the local sights. There were loads of vehicles on the cruise as you can see from this video. We’re the first 2 vehicles on the video (we were 3rd and 4th in the convoy), and Mollie was loaded up with the HDVW guys.

Since we were just sleeping for one night and the fact that Dave had been away, I decided that it was easier to hire a bell tent for the night in the grounds of Camp Hill rather than get all the tent gear out again since it was all packed away and dry. This meant we could stay at the club camp until bed time, then we had quite a nice trek across the estate to our home for the night.

Bell tent at camphill

These bell tents had just been put on as extra accommodation for the show, and was not really the glamping experience that it could have been since Camp Hill also do proper glamping. The tent was furnished with camp beds and some bedding, but we still had our sleeping bags. I had an awful night’s sleep… well not much actual sleep, as I was freezing and couldn’t get comfy. I always tend to have a restless night the first night camping though so nothing new there.

The Sunday was Show and Shine day so Mollie was all prepped and entered. Then all we had to do then was relax and wait for the public votes to come in. It was quite exciting waiting for the Show and Shine results since it was a public vote. There was some stiff competition in the “air cooled” category as there was a good amount of vehicles entered.

We managed to get the kids booked in to do an hour of Segways which kept them occupied and they loved it. we did Segways last year for Miles’ birthday at Camp Hill, and we had also done segways when we took Bronco for a fun day out, so they were straight on them and off on their trek.

kids on segways

Later on in the afternoon the results were in .. and amazingly Mollie had done it again and took 1st place for the “Best Aircooled”. Wow! Special thanks again go to Dubtricks for the brilliant and detailed restoration on Mollie.

Best aircooled

Mollie has done well this summer at the 3 shows that she has been to and we now have a little trophy collection going.

mollie's trophies

What a weekend …. loved every bit of it and really looking forward to next year.

A Day Out in Knaresborough

Knaresborough is only a few miles away (only 11) from where we live but we have not been as a family for a touristy day trip. After seeing Chew’s lovely pics of Knareborough on her blog made me plan a day out to see the sites for oursleves, so on Bank Holiday Monday, as a bit of a birthday day out for Miles we headed there to visit Mother Shipton’s cave and have a walk along the river.

mother shipton's cave

We loved the stunning houses that were lining the valley of the river alongside the impressive viaduct. A definite retirement possibility apart from the lack of garage space and too many people walking past your front door!

knaresborough viaduct

Mother Shipton’s is renowned for the Petrifying Well, with the oldest items being the Victorian top hat and ladies bonnet that can be seen high up on the wall.

petrifying well

The water is so calcified there are warning signs not to drink it!

petrifing items

miles and ethan

Here’s me at the Wishing Well.. you have to put your right hand in the water, make a wish while your hand is still there and then let your hand dry naturally. Of course I can’t tell you what I wished for 🙂

wishing well

We also walked along Beech Avenue with some of the oldest and biggest beech trees in the country, they were stunning…

beech trees

but not all of them survive…

beech avenue

A great family day out and certainly a place to visit again.

A 2013 View of Centerparcs

This weekend we did our annual trip to Centerparcs..this year we went to Whinfell.. and its likely to be our last as not only have we now got Cooper so we will be going on more dog friendly holidays in the future, but to be pretty frank about it, it’s got so stupidly expensive for a weekend away, there are better places you could go.

We have been going to Centerparcs for many years with the kids and its always been pricey, but the last few years it seems that everything has just increased in price and you are paying for absolutely everything in some form or manner … we spent well over a grand just on the accommodation and activities before we even got there.

Anyway the reason for the post wasn’t to moan, but to say what a great time we had. This year as per the 2013 culture we just went with our phones and left all the good camera equipment at home. It’s surprising these days what people put up with in terms of picture quality, its like going back to watching VHS tapes rather than HD Blu-rays. Cameras on phones are getting better but you still can’t beat the image quality from a “proper” camera.

Anyway here are a few snaps of the weekend.

We booked a Lakeside Lodge this year and what an amazing location with a great view.


We were treated to some pets to look after for the weekend

becky feeding ducks

dave feeding ducks

Here is one of the cutie ducklings


We did a few activities during the weekend, including Badminton


Field Archery which was excellent, going around the woods hunting pretend animals rather than targets


The kids did the Caving Adventure which they really enjoyed


And we had a couple of sessions of 10 pin bowling and the final game was really close between me and Ethan (Neymar!) as he got a spare on the last go, to then have an extra bowl ending up with 107 to my 100. The kids both played really well.

Ethan wins

and while we were all having fun.. Cooper was being looked after by my sister and Kelvin at our house. Here’s Cooper having a bit of help completing a long walk at the weekend 🙂


The 99 Second Challenge

So what is the 99 second challenge … well I didn’t know what it was until earlier on this week. It seems the 99 second challenge is making its way around the local schools with different consequences.

Do you want to take the challenge? You can either do the challenge to yourself or carry the challenge out on someone else. Ethan was the first one that came home with signs of having taken the challenge but told me it was a football injury, then when Miles had a similar mark I knew something was up.

99 second challenge

So here it is. To do the challenge you have to scratch yourself or someone else for 99 seconds.. simple! Lots of kids are walking around now with varying degrees of self inflicted grazes on their arms where they have literally scratched off the top layers of skin… ouch! How on earth this all started, who knows, but its seems pretty crazy, as well as being extremely painful and with potential of causing some scarring if the wound is deep.

Our Annual Week Away

Every year we get one full week on holiday out of the office which we relish, but also deep down I stress about quite a bit. Its hard, even after 10 years running a business to actually take time out of the office, partly because you worry that something might “happen” but also for me I always have so much to catch up with even if I am away for just a few days. I know that we need to take holidays, but what I have also trained myself to do over the last few years is to just relax and forget about work for a bit while we are away, and this year I was very good and left my Blackberry in the apartment while we were out during the day, only doing a couple of email checks each day. All was fine back at the office as expected, but I still am in the midst of catching up, and we have hit a busy patch at the moment with an influx of new enquiries.. which is all good and means it’s just double speed for me this week 🙂

While we were away and when the week was coming to an end, Dave was saying that we should do a 2 week break next year. A little shiver went through me with fear! To be honest if I was on holiday for 2 weeks, vegetating around the pool, sunbathing and reading, only to move to go to the bar or get more food I think it would be so much harder to get back into the swing of things. Towards the end of this week away, I was actually looking forward to getting back into the office after recharging my batteries. I’m very glad I enjoy my job and actually like going to work.. makes it a whole lot easier.

Anyway .. here are some of the holidays snaps. We didn’t do a great deal during the week, like I said it was about sunbathing, reading, sleeping, drinking and eating, but we did have one day trip out to Gibraltar which was great.

To get into Gibraltar you need your passport as you cross the border, some English money (but most places do take Euros) and to get to the city you have to cross the runway at the airport. It was odd to seeing Union Jacks flying and red telephone boxes, it was like visiting home again, but the sun was shining.

gibraltar runway

This is me and the kids on the runway with the impressive “rock” behind us

becky and the kids gibraltar

We took the bus and headed straight to the Cable Car to go to the top of the Rock

dave and the kids at Gibraltar

to see the apes

crazy monkey

becky and monkey

monkey chilling

The rest of the holiday while we did very little, the kids played lots of football and made lots of new friends

kids football

Took part in the organised water polo and water basketball each afternoon

water polo miles and ethan

Played some beach football

kids beach football

Had some fun in the pool and on the slides

kids waterslides

Practiced some rugby

ethan rugby

Went swimming in the sea

miles in the sea

and had crazy hair

ethan crazy hair

Here’s to next year 🙂