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Kids First Day Back at School

Today the summer holidays came to an end and the kids went back to school. They are growing up fast and have gone into Year 5 and Year 3 and it also means that Ethan has moved down the road from the Infant School to the Junior School where Miles already is, so it makes it easy for dropping them off in the morning.

They were really excited this morning to get back to school. I never used to like going back to school after the long summer holidays, but since the kids have been going to holiday club they have been used to spending the day away from me & Dave and were looking forward to seeing their friends again.

I always remember my Mum taking pictures of me and my sister in our sparkly new uniforms, looking all neat and tidy at the start of the term so I thought I’d follow in the tradition, except this morning the kids weren’t the most photogenic!


I did finally manage to get a decent pose from the boys but it ended up a bit out of focus … lol typical! They still look gorgeous though.



  • Kean

    Loving the photoshop skills on the uniforms 🙂

  • Becky

    LOL, cheers Kean … thats why I leave the design to you!