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Marbella 2014

I’m behind on my posting on my blog as there always seems to be something else that crops up with work, the house now that we are about to start a big extension, the kids, the rugby club, the VW club and family… but I have grabbed a few spare minutes to get some of the pictures from our annual holiday in Marbella onto my blog.

We didn’t do much while we were away, basically drove from the airport (in an awesome brand new VW Golf) to the Marriott resort, checked in and didn’t leave the resort except for a few hours in Marbella and a few times down the beach for dinner. It was really relaxing. The kids hooked up with some friends from previous years and met some new people so they were busy all day mainly in the pool which meant I could get on with my annual reading session with a few cocktails in between chapters.

Arrival drinks!
st miguel

Trip into Marbella for lunch
me and the kids marbella
becky & ethan marbella
dave and miles marbella

The pool and the apartments
pool and apartment

Kids in the pool practicing for water polo
kids in the pool

Me & Dave after a lovely meal down the beach
dave and becky

Until next year .. all booked already 🙂

Happy Birthday Ethan

Today my youngest son Ethan turns 12. Wow, time has flown since the day Ethan came into the world, and today we celebrate his birthday and thank him for all the smiles he has brought. I still call him my “little Ethan” but he’s nearly as big as me now and still growing fast, with a wicked sense of humour and a cheeky smile.

I’ve had to dig through the old photo albums and scan in some of the old pictures (pre-digital) but the old ones are always the best, and there is still something really special about flicking through old photo albums that I did get slightly distracted.

This is Ethan when he was just minutes old with Dave


and here he is just a few days old with Miles photobombing


I mentioned his cheeky smile previously well here it is


We also couldn’t miss out on the obligatory “in the bath” shot


Moments to cherish in Ethan’s life .. like the day that he climbed into the washing machine (or was he pushed in by Miles?)


or when he decided to hide in the drawer of the TV cabinet when we were moving house

ethan drawer

A proud day, and an exciting one for Ethan too by the big grin on his face, on his first day at school

ethan school

A determined look on a ride at Blackpool during one of our mini breaks

ethan blackpool

Here are a few recent pictures. I love this one with me and Ethan on the way to the village pub when we were staying in a yurt in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales

ethan 2013

Last year on one of our visits to see Cooper before we brought him home

ethan 2013 2

And then Ethan earlier on in the year when we had a few days in London before we went to see England at Twickenham.

ethan 2014

So all that’s left to say is Happy Birthday son … love you loads xx

A Trip to London #6Nations

We’ve spent the last few days in London with the kids, for some relaxing, sightseeing and then for a trip to Twickenham to watch England vs Ireland. We were last in London with the kids in 2009 and even though we are there quite a bit, the kids were really excited so that got us all in the mood for a fun time.

We were staying at The Trafalgar Hotel on Trafalgar Square and for sightseeing it is a great base with the majority of the sights in easy walking distance. On Thursday afternoon we headed to see Westminster and then to Buckingham Palace, before a crazy trip to Hamleys.





On Friday we headed first over to Knightsbridge to look around Harrods, then over to Covent Garden, then to St Pauls and down the river a bit, then over to the London Eye.


The kids are down there somewhere while we were up on the balcony enjoying a pint in the sunshine 🙂



While we were wandering down the South Bank we bumped into our friends from Ripon Rugby Club so that was the evening sorted with beer and then the Wales v France match in a busy sports bar. The rugby theme had started 🙂


Saturday was at Twickenham meeting up with the Ripon gang again, letting the kids soak up the atmosphere of the huge crowds, the packed pubs in the town and the really good banter between opposition fans before heading to the stadium


Inside Twickenham was amazing, the atmosphere and the noise was deafening at times, what a day! I was also really impressed with my little Canon camera that I got for Christmas on its first real test of the zoom.


We stayed the night at Twickenham and what a comparison it was in the morning when the place was deserted. The weekend was amazing … lots of fun had by all and a fantastic experience being part of an 80,000+ crowd cheering the England rugby team to a victory.


My Bizarre Ethan

The other day I was going through some old photo sets on Flickr and came across a trip to Blackpool in 2007. I absolutely love photos, old and new and they bring back so many memories. Check out these beauties .. he must have been going through a phase as they are all with crazy faces!

ethan blackpool 3 (3)

ethan blackpool 3 (1)

ethan blackpool 3 (2)

but here’s a cute one

ethan blackpool 3 (4)

Edinburgh U12 Rugby Tour

At the end of October we headed up to Edinburgh by train on Friday after the kids finished school, for Ethan’s U12 rugby tour. We had been looking forward to the trip, as Edinburgh is a great city, but there is something about being on tour with the rugby team..its a load of fun. The theme for the tour was Yorkshire, so it was compulsory to always wear a flat cap and a white rose and we had Yorkshire phrases we had to use. Any rules broken and you could be up in kangeroo court and you wouldn’t want that!

Here are some of the pictures from the tour…

Saturday morning was taken up with rugby at Watsonians ground where the kids played against Watsonians school as well as a touring team from Liverpool. This is a rubbish shot but its some action from Ethan


This is Dave and Miles kitted out pitchside


and here is me with my Yorkshire Terrier 🙂

becky naylor yorkshire

After the morning of rugby we headed to Murrayfield to have a stadium tour which was very interesting going behind the scenes. I loved that they had a tartan pattern in the seats in the stadium. In this picture you can see the special lights that they use to repair the pitch after matches. The ground was massive!



In the evening we were back to Watsonians for a team meal as well as kangeroo court. Fortunately we didn’t get brought before the court but for those that did there was a lot of canapes eaten which consisted of a Weetabix topped with whipped cream, anchovies and chillies along with other delicacies.


The Sunday was more rugby, this time a tournament had been organised. Ripon were playing really well despite the late nights. Ethan scored a great try during one of the matches.. his first! … I was very proud!


Here’s the team at the end of the tournament


And what else did we do… we managed to grab some time to wander through Grassmarket and along the Royal Mile for a bit


and enjoyed the local brew


It was a great trip which the kids really enjoyed as well.. and here’s to many more.