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Jupiter TT800 Big Button Senior Phone Instructions

This week I have been helping my grandmother B swap her old mobile phone that she was struggling to use, to a phone specifically made for older people. It hasn’t got any fancy features on, it calls and texts that’s about it, but also has a panic button on and will even text me if the battery is getting low. It’s great that it has big and clear buttons, but getting a new phone meant teaching “an old dog new tricks” as it were, which is never easy. I spent Wednesday afternoon with her going through the basics and have then produced her an easy to follow user guide. I thought it would be good to share in case anyone else out there has had to do what I have done and it will save you writing your own instructions πŸ™‚

Jupiter tt800 instructions

If at any time you get lost, press the Red button to get back to the Home Screen with the clock on.

To Make a call

Dial the Number with the full dialling code, Example: 01947****** then press Green to dial. After the call press Red to end the call

Letters on the Keypad

Press the button the right number of times to get the right letter
Example: The Number 2 A – press once, B – press twice, C – press three times

Jupiter tt800 instructions keypad

To Send a Text
Press Bottom Scroll button to get into Contacts

Scroll down through the list of names

Press Green when you get to the right person

Option to Call or Send SMS (text)

Scroll to Send SMS, press Green

Now you have an empty screen to type message

When you have finished the message press Green

Send – Yes
Confirm number – Yes

Sending Message, message sent

When all done press Red to return to Main home screen with the clock on.

To Read a Text
When a text has been received there will be an envelope on the main screen

Press Green

Shows who it is from, press Green to see the message

If the message is more than 2 lines press the bottom scroll to read more

Once read, press Green to get the options
Either Reply, Call Number, Delete – scroll down to choose, press Green on the one you want.

If you do not want to reply, delete the message from the phone.

Reply to a Text You have Received
As above…to read a message that you have received.

Once you have read the Text, press Green to get the list of Options.
Press Green on Reply
Empty Screen – Press Green
Type the message and then press Green, and send message as normal.

Make a call from the Contact List
If you have a person stored in your contact list you can easily call them

Press the bottom Scroll Button to get into Contacts

Scroll down to find the right person

Press Green when you find them

Option screen of Call or Send SMS

Press Green on Call

To end the call press the Red button