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Is Bigot Such a Terrible Word?

So the word of the day is “bigot” but is it such a terrible term that everyone is making out today after Gordon Brown’s earlier gaffe when a TV microphone was left on him while he was having a private conversation to his aides in his private car. Oh yeah where are all the calls for the TV producer to get sacked or strung up for invading the Prime Minister’s privacy by leaving a live mic on the PM, probably knowing they would get some juicy inside gossip. And don’t get me started with the big £50k newspaper payout for exclusive rights to Mrs Duffy story… er what story?

So a “bigot” is defined as “a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from their own” as in a person who believes they are right and are not willing to accept other people’s opinion. It can also refer to someone who is “intolerant of people of different ethnicity, race, or class” and wasn’t she having a go at Gordon about all the immigrants and all the supposed harm they are doing to the country?

If anything Gordon Brown couldn’t have said it better really, but maybe used a word that was more understood for its true meaning by the swarms of media that jumped on the story and totally over reported on the situation like vultures to a fresh kill.

It should be perhaps reported more widely the way the other party leaders have insulted, in supposed private, people they have met instead of everyone denying they ever pass comment on people that have annoyed them. For instance David Cameron called a hard working small business man “a social climbing, pushy little try hard” and Nick Clegg spoke of a pony tailed middle aged guy he met as “God, what a loser that old hippy was”. I think privacy is the issue and people no matter what their status in society should be entitled to it.


  • Carla

    Good post. Today’s witchhunt has made me sick to my stomach.

  • Diane

    I am not sure the b word is the problem … It’s the sheer two faced cheek of the man…

    To be all nice to her face and then slate a simple conversation as if she’d been parading nude in a swastika flag.
    The bare faced cheek of the man to do it all again and go and apologise to her just makes it worse.

    I’m sorry but an apology doesn’t excuse the behaviour.

    He said it – and the problem is she’s the only real person who he’s spoken to for such a long time. MPs should really get out more and deal with the issues that bother real people – she had a huge list of issues for him and the one that he remembered is the one that involves immigration.

    Me thinks he’s the one with the bigoted mind, not her.