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Is a Christmas Tree that Important?

What a strange world that we live in where a Christmas tree makes it into the local paper. In the Ripon Gazette last Friday there was an article about the size of the Christmas tree that had been erected on the Market Place. In the article the Ripon Council were complaining about how small and stick like it was, demanding that we should be provided a new tree by Harrogate Borough Council.

ripon christmas tree

When I read it my first thought was that shouldn’t we just be grateful for what we have got, and then I ended up amazed that it was even suggested that Ripon should be provided a better tree, as I’m sure that the council has got lots of better things to spend their money on.

It’s the classic situation that if it had not been reported on no one would have given it a second thought, but today on the amble up to town to grab some lunch the market square was a hive of activity and there was a new, much fatter, but shorter Christmas tree. The 15 year old tree that had been replaced had been neatly shredded up into wood shavings.

What a complete waste of money, man hours and a perfectly good, healthy tree.