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Inspiration Required

Inspiration is required to rescue my poor neglected blog from the scrap heap. I’m not sure if it’s inspiration or just time that is the issue, but I used to love doing a daily blog post (or at least a couple a week) and now my efforts are pretty poor really.

So, if anyone can inspire me to get writing again that would be great, and any suggestions of what to write will be a big help too. I can pretty much write about anything … business, politics, raising kids, cooking and even looking after chickens 🙂


  • Jordan

    I think Chickens are the answer.

    Please dramatically alter the direction of the blog to make it the go to source for ‘lolchickz’ or ‘lolchickenz’. Vids, image edits, etc, would all be great.

    Thanks. -(:>) Emoticon chicken.

  • Bas

    chickens it is 😉

    Then again, Becky, I love to read about the TV-stuff, how you like or hate what goes on at Dragons’ Den, stuff like that.