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Idapt I3 Desktop Charger

There are quite a few multiple device chargers out there and yesterday I finally got round to getting one on order and chose the Idapt i3 Desktop charger. This type of multiple device charger have a few purposes, the main one being eliminating the mess of plugs and wires which occur when you are trying to keep lots of devices charged.

I had looked at these around Christmas time, and couldn’t remember the name of them when I was trying to show Dave yesterday. I couldn’t find the site no matter what I searched for in Google. With a title tag of “Innovative Solutions” and no home page content even mentioning the words “multiple device charger” or “desktop charger” there isn’t much hope for them at the moment ranking for anything other than their brand name. After about half an hour searching I finally remembered their name… lucky for them.

Recently we have had to replace a few chargers including my Blackberry charger, Miles’ old mobile phone charger as well as one of kid’s laptop chargers. This is not due to losing them but due to them being chewed through by one of the cats. Yes strange but true, but all we can imagine happened is that during the night the cat has found a good game of playing with the dangling wires and chewed through them. Fortunately for the cat we always switch off the charger at the socket if they are not being used.

idapt i3

So having the Idapt we plan to station the multi charger where the mains wire can be tucked behind one of the units in the sitting room so there are no wires on show at all. The beauty of the Idapt is that you get 3 charging stations which you can mix and match the connectors that you want… so charging my Blackberry, Dave’s HTC and say one of the kids PSP’s all at the same time won’t be a problem. The kids now have my “hand-me-down” phones of a HTC Diamond and the SPV E650 which both use the same charger as Dave’s HTC so that’s perfect. It also comes with an iPod charger but I tend to keep the iPod docked in the Bose speaker system which keeps it nicely charged.

You can order direct from the Idapt site for European use, but the best place for the UK would be HMV and at £24.99 with free delivery it seems quite a good deal. The other UK site that the Idapt site recommends is Littlewoods but at £39 for the same product I don’t know how they expect to sell many. So hopefully when it turns up next week it will be as good as it looks and sounds.