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Hungarian Forints

I need to get sorted for the trip on Thursday to Budapest for the Budapest Affiliate Conference. We went to the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference back in April and Dave has been invited back again to be on the SEO Panel which is on Friday afternoon. We are only staying for 2 nights as we fly in on Thursday afternoon and fly back out on Saturday evening, but plan to get a bit of sight seeing in too.

I have been checking the weather forecast out and its expected to be about 24 – 26 degrees which will be quite hot compared to what we have been used to during the british summer. I’ve got myself into an Autumnal mood and even put the heating back on yesterday, so it will be good to get some sunshine.

One thing that will take a bit of getting used to is the currency conversion. Hungary is a member of the EU but similar to the UK they have not joined the Euro. Hungary have Hungarian Forints and I have just been looking at the exchange rates and £1 is 314 Forints. Now this is not going to be an easy exchange rate to work out in shops and you’re dealing with such big numbers.

So £1 is 314 Forints
£10 is 3140 Forints
£50 is 15,700 Forints
£100 is 31,400 Forints

Now getting into bigger numbers:

£500 is 157,000 Forints
£1000 is 314,000 Forints


Then say if you were going to by a car for £15,000 that would be 4,720,000 Forints … and if you were to buy a house for £250,000 you’d spend seventy eight and a half Million Forints (78,500,000).

So what if you have a Million pounds?


I think I’ll have to find the calculator on my mobile phone, otherwise I won’t have a clue how much things are in the bars, restaurants or shops!

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  • Paul Carpenter

    You mean you’ve got a million pounds handy? You couldn’t see us a tenner could you – I promise I’m good for it.