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How to Pack for a Holiday

When are we ever taught about how to pack for a holiday or trip away? Is just something that everyone does without a manual or a guide, but we just do it. There is always plenty of advice and guides on the holiday destination, and when you book a flight there are always lots of instructions about what not to pack but not what to pack.

In a strange way this is something that often crosses my mind before we go on a holiday as its one of those things that we all do, but I bet we all do it in a different way… and where did we learn how to do it?

If Dave is packing for himself for a trip away he tends to be totally disorganised and is pretty laid back about it and says that as long as he has his wallet and passport he would be able to get pretty much anything he needs while he’s away if he forgets anything. I wish I was as carefree about going away but I always turn into a mad checklist writing looney, especially when I am packing for everyone typically.

Tomorrow we are going to Paris and we always say that we’ll aim to travel light, but it never ends up that way. I used to be able to get the kids clothes into a small suitcase and now because their clothes are that much bigger then need one the same size as ours. I pretty much start gathering up items that I need to pack a good 5 or so days before we are due to go, collecting various chargers for phones, ipods, PSP’s etc, as well as the travel adapters and the travel documents. Then over the course of the next few days I’ll slowly fill up the spare bed with piles of various clothes to match all weathers (as you never know) until the night before we are due to travel and then it’s time to fill up the cases.

Even though the cases are packed and I know that we have got passports, boarding cards, currency, and all the other essentials, why do you always feel like you have forgotten something and you rack your brain trying to work out what you have not packed. I bet there is a website out there that could build the list for your suitcase where you’d add the destination, dates (so that it can check the weather forecast), and you’d tick a few boxes that would work out if you’re the type for instance who’d get dressed up for dinner etc or if you wore contact lenses (to remind you not to forget your glasses), then it would say exactly what you needed. That would be awesome!