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How to Make Pancakes for Pancake Day

It’s Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day tomorrow so we’ll all be busy making the pancake batter and flipping lots of pancakes. But does everyone know how to make the perfect pancakes?

The batter for the pancakes is made from Flour, Eggs, Milk and Water .. simple. There are various methods of mixing the batter, but to be honest you really just need to put them all into a bowl and mix it all together with an electric whisk. You can measure the ingredients but if you work off the same principle of a Yorkshire Pudding batter and use the volume of the ingredients rather than the weight it will work.

So take 3 small bowls/cups/mugs of equal size, add 2 eggs into one bowl, then check the level and add plain flour to the second bowl to the same level. In the third bowl add a bit of water and then fill with milk up to the same level. Once you have “measured” out your ingredients you can then mix them all together.

To cook the pancakes, heat up some butter in a shallow frying pan and then pour in some mixture. Spread the mixture out and allow it to cook for a few minutes. Once the pancake is golden brown on one side either be daring and flip the pancake over or carefully turn over with a spatula. Leave for another couple of minutes and your delicious pancake is ready.

You can add the traditional sugar and lemon juice to your pancake but my kids will tell you that there is nothing better than pancakes smothered in Nutella!