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How to Give Cats Tablets

Anyone with cats will know that it can be a real battle sometimes to give a tablet to a cat when they are needing them for one thing or another. They are very clever and even if you crush the tablet down and mix it in with their normal food they will suddenly turn their nose up at it. The last resort would be to wrap the cat in a towel or blanket and try to push the tablet in their mouth with the hope that they will swallow it, but it normally ends in a struggle, the tablet being spat out and a grumpy cat.

I have 2 cats .. Cork and Poppy

Cork on the left is 16, and has recently been having a few trips to the vet when she started going really skinny. It turned out that she had an overactive thyroid gland which is now being treated with daily tablets to stabalise her thyroxine levels. After 3 weeks on the pills she managed to put on 300 grams, which is a 10th of her body weight. Then there is Poppy, 6, on the right who has been coughing recently, then was struggling to breathe and ended up staying the night at the vets in an oxygen tent. Turns out she has an allergy to something (not sure what) but has been on antibiotics as well as steroids. So this has given me 2 cats that are needing daily tablets and Poppy had some that were twice a day. The best way I have found to get the tablets into the cats without any fuss at all is CHEESE.

Here we have today’s dosage of tablets, ready for the cats. I slice off a small piece of cheese, medium strength to mask any taste from the pills, and mould it around the tablet to form a small solid ball. The cats just eat these with no problem and the tablet goes down, and they think they are getting a treat 🙂

If you’re having problems giving your cat their tablets give it a try.

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  • Elaine

    Dave gets Pepper the dog to take his tablets with white chocolate buttons, it also ensures we get regular visits from the youngest granddaughter who’s not allowed them at home 🙂