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How to Get a Surge in Traffic

There are many ways to get a surge in traffic but recently I have been doing a test to see how much traffic I could gain for a topical search term – “When do the Clocks go Back”.

I did a post on the 6th September following previous “clock related” posts that I had done in the past that I had seen an nice uplift of traffic from. Its surprising just how many people are out there searching for this information and you can definately see a peak in traffic the weekend before the clocks actually went back in the UK.

So here are some traffic stats fresh from Google Analytics

clock traffic all

google clock traffic

yahoo clock traffic

bing clock traffic

What totally surprised me was the amount of people that actually left a comment, (all 54 of them) which then started a bit of a back and forth with other people chipping in responding to previous commenters. The one comment I love is

“Only clocked in to see when the clocks went back! Spent longer than I expected reading everyones comments and have now missed that extra hour in bed!”

Needless to say the bounce rate and time on site for the 66,000 visitors was to be expected at

av time on site