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How to Control Your Workload

It’s been 2 days in the office since I spent last week in New York and I’m please to say that I’m all caught up and even further ahead than where I was before we left, even though I brought extra work back with me from the conference following a couple of productive meetings.

So how did that happen? Well not by magic by any means … but partly by lots of planning before I went to New York including getting the SEO schedule all planned out before I went ready for April, and getting all the scheduled web projects passed onto the team to work on while I was away.

While I was away I was still picking up my emails on my Blackberry and responding if necessary, while making sure I kept track of what emails I had responded to and with what information. There is nothing worse than replying to an email out of the office only to wonder the next day if you have responded, and how you responded. If an email wasn’t urgent I would leave it as my auto responder would let people know when I was back in the office.

to do list

When we got back from New York on Friday morning, there was no chance of me going into the office as I was totally knackered, and had birthday cake to eat! I did though go to the office for a few hours on Sunday to sift and sort through my inbox and get a LIST together. This is the main way to stay on top of a workload and to keep organised. I noted down all the things I needed to get done and sort out, and it was literally as long as my arm… well my forearm at least. I tend to find that if I have something written on a list it gets it out of my head and allows me to properly prioritise the task. If I don’t write a list I tend to go around in circles thinking about what I have to do trying to remember them all without any way to control them, or most importantly prioritise things.

So with my list as long as my arm I got started on Monday morning. Monday was busy as we had Zoe starting so I had to do the usual induction but I managed to get lots done. Then today it was head down and ploughed through. I left work a bit later than usual tonight but my list is back down to a couple of things that are in hand and its all calm again! Phew!

Image by Beth77