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How Not to do Social Media

I came across this today that Zoe had retweeted, and when I looked into it I was really surprised at how badly a company’s social media profile was being handled. With generally all corporate social media profiles there is still just a human being behind them, who will at times over react but also not consider their customer reactions. I hadn’t heard of MUA Cosmetics before… but I have now and first impressions aren’t great!

So by the looks of it they have been pushing their Facebook page and have reached 50,000 likes, so what they decide to do is launch a big offer for all of their fans giving everything away half price as well as doing free shipping…

Seems overly generous to me! So they announce their super promotion on Facebook, to their 50,000 fans … and voila their site crashes dramatically and people then start to complain about not being able to place their order. Seems the marketing department haven’t communicated the offer to their hosting company to be able to gauge potential traffic volumes to hit the server!

Their reaction is to then tell people to get off their site … what, seriously… do people really leave a site when they are asked, or keep trying to see if it loads lol. Anyway here are some of the tweets!

So give their site a try and grab a bargain .. that’s if it loads 🙂