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How is my Blog Traffic Doing?

The last time I did a post about what traffic my blog is getting was back in September, and before that it was June … so I thought it was about time to document where we are at now.

Overall for January my blog received 4080 visits, with 2626 coming from Google Organic, so its heading in the right direction. As I blog about some pretty random things, as well as doing topical post my site seems to rank for many things.

The top traffic in January was for:

UK Vat Increase with 397 visits
The Harcombe Diet with 361 visits
How to Make Yorkshire Puddings with 332 visits
How to Make Sausage Casserole with 324 visits
When do the Clocks go back with 232 visits (overall received 4322 visits)
Ripon Rugby with 149 visits

Some of the other search terms that I have attracted visits from include:

Do I boil carrots before adding to the casserole
Local council sperm logo
What does the orange shag band mean
Droopy eye after botox
What little things can we do to make the staff happy
What does Tesco do

I’d love to know if there is a post that anyone would like me to do, so let me know. I can do recipes (lol), latest news, stories of my life or the secrets of running a company.


  • James Inman

    Random questions, then, incase any of these take your fancy…

    What’s the nicest, quickest dish you know how to make (and the recipe, please!)
    What’s the hardest bit of running a company?
    Are there ever days when you just can’t be bothered with work? How do you keep up motivation? How do you keep the staff motivated?
    What’s the event in your life that’s had the biggest impact on who you are today? (An oddly personal one, but the kind of thing I like answering on my blog. Then again, I’m odd!)

    I don’t comment much, but great reading as ever!

    – James

  • Sean

    What are you doing to increase your traffic? I comment on blog, but it doesn’t really increase my traffic much.