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How do People find

I did a post back in June about the Organic traffic that my Blog was receiving and today I’ve been having a look at my Analytics and thought I’d do an update on where we’re at.

I reported at getting 796 visits in the previous month with 196 coming from Google organic. I’ve been busy blogging about many things and in the last month my visit numbers is up to 2512 with 1426 visits coming from organic searches. I’m pretty pleased with the upturn in 3 months, but I know that my site shrinks into insignificance if you put it up against Dave’s blog (last month DavidNaylor got over 100,000 visits) .. but its all worth the effort.

In terms of how people find my site,

13.7% were wanting to know when Easter 2010 is … for anyone interested it’s the 4th April (happens to be our 12th wedding anniversary and Bronco’s 7th birthday)

16% are looking for me!!

19.6% is Asda related traffic

and 26% is about Yorkshire Puddings

I have also have some funny search terms appear such as :

places to go in a chastity belt
the 8 year old brain
do jacket potatoes explode
have to go to uni to get well paid
when getting into an arguement, how can i stop shouting

Kind of amusing!

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