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Honda – The Power of Dreams

More like a Nightmare! Well it has been over the last couple of days since my Honda Civic has been at the dealers getting fixed.

I am on my second Honda Civic in 3 years, and I bought my current Civic back in September last year when the new “58” plates came out. It’s a bright red Civic Vtec EX, which is the one with the Sat Nav built in and with the voice controls for pretty much everything, leather seats and panoramic roof. I totally love it even though it I don’t get to drive it very far, normally just to school and work and back. I mean is 2700 miles on a car that is 15 months old low mileage?


Typical though that just before I need it for this weekend when I take Dave to the airport on his way to the SES Chicago conference, that it decides to conk out. Remember Tuesday when there was heavy frost during the night so in the morning everything was iced up? I did my usual of getting the car started and leaving it idolling while everything defrosted. When I went back to the car the windows were all clear but everything smelt of eggs and rotten vegetables and the exhaust pipes were chugging. That’s when I had lots of warning lights on my dashboard and called Honda Assistance.

Since the country was frosted up, plus recovering from flooding in parts it took ages for the Honda Assistance (the AA) to come out. When they finally did turn up about 4 hours later, the magic laptop showed the engine had misfired and it was only running on 3 cylinders. One of the spark plugs was totally “gunked up” (technical AA man talk) which was a bit baffling for them since the car was so young with low mileage. It was all cleaned up and the engine was put back together so that it was drivable.

I then booked my Honda Civic into the dealer for a service and new spark plugs on Wednesday, but when they had a proper look it needed new cylinders as there was a faulty valve. So it is currently being stripped down and rebuilt at the Honda garage. Fingers crossed it will be all ready for tomorrow afternoon, in time for the airport run on Saturday morning and my weekend at my Mum’s with the kids, otherwise we’ll be heading up to Newcastle in the Honda Jazz courtesy car!


  • Richard

    Modern cars are a bit of a pain in the bum, unlike their older counterparts, they need a good long run to clear out all the crap. Perhaps we can come to an arrangement, you have my old Triumph for a couple of days and I will thrash the Honda up the motorway, no oh well ok

  • Rory

    The smell of eggs is caused by the cat which deals with emissons.
    I think its just bad luck. i still agree with richard that short jounerys don’t do cars much good, they need a good run out now and again to let them clear them selfs out.

    My dad notices this in his 306 diesel, if he does short trips for 2 months he nopticed mpg’s dropping and a slower car. So he normally run’s it up to newcastle for a day out and so that it can strech its legs