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Hidden Talents of Staff – DW

Every one has their hidden talents and its going to be my task to learn something new about each member of staff over the next month or so. I aim to find out any hidden talent as we all have them .. mine for instance are to make Yorkshire Puddings and Multitask, yes a pretty strange combination.

Tonight Dave and I have spent a prelim night to tomorrow, when we are taking the guys from Bronco out to see Jimmy Carr in Harrogate, with Anthony and David. David has recently started work at Bronco and is an big fan of gaming especially 1st person shoot ’em ups. Dave and the kids favourite game at the moment is Call of Duty 5 World at War, and it turns out that David has written a book on Call of Duty 5. How cool is that to actually write your own book and get it published!


The book is titled An Unofficial Guide to Call of Duty World at War: How to Win at Multiplayer and its available to buy from He has sold quite a few copies already and knows all about the best tactics and weapons to use. Dave is hoping that with David’s help he can get his online rep up and get the promotions he needs.

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