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Hidden Talents of Staff – Car Valeting

Ages ago I did a blog post about one of my staff who had a hidden talent as he had actually written a book and got it published. It was my intention then to carry on “exposing” my guys hidden talents (as they all have them) but somehow I got a bit side tracked.

Anyway this post is for Rory who has worked for Bronco for 6 years and has had various roles in the company and is now part of the SEO team. Rory has always loved cars and what a perfect way to spend the weekend valeting other peoples. The last few cars that Rory has cleaned, and when I say clean its an amazing job, have happened to be ours. He has a van full of lotions and potions for every type of dirt and mark. He valeted my Honda Civic a while back now and it just makes the paintwork look totally different and just eye catching.

When we got Bob The CamperVan we booked a valeting slot and got Rory to the house to give him the once over, then this weekend Dave got his BMW cleaned. The engine bay on the BMW even got a wash and a polish! I just love the before and after pics, but Rory you could do with getting them in a Lightbox (see Ben). I think it is the wheels that come up the best but what a task it is to clean in between all the spokes on the alloys. The products that are used are really top quality and the shine lasts and if you have had your car waxed and polished properly they don’t seem to get dirty as quickly which is cool. So if you love your car give it a treat and get it properly valeted.

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