My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

Helping Miles with Homework

One of the things that I always make sure of is that the kids get their homework done on time and that I will help and support them while they do it. Miles who is in Year 4 will get Maths, Literacy and Spelling homework to do over the weekend. Whenever I say, “Let’s do your homework”, I always get the usual moans as he has to tear himself away from something much more exciting. I remember at Miles’ age that homework was a real pain, and throughout growing up when you got more and more it was often hard to get on with it. As a parent I always try to encourage my kids to learn and be interested in the things around them, but I find that homework time can be a chore and I feel like moaning about it too.

So last Sunday we were having one of those lazy days, got up late, breakfast rolled into lunch, we spent a few hours in the garden and just chilled out. So what do I need when I’ve finally got round to encouraging Miles to do his homework, while I was looking a complete state (as in I wasn’t planning on leaving the house that day) but Dave trying out his new Sony HD video camera, and then posting the video on YouTube.

So … here goes