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Have a Crap Day by Jez Rose

We have recently launched two new websites at Bronco for Jez Rose, who is an international speaker on customer service but also is a qualified canine and wolf specialist. A bit of an odd combination but that’s what makes it different and interesting. When Jez first contacted us I did a bit of research and found out all about his customer service ethos and how using his previous comedy stand-up experience gives really entertaining but informative training and talks on how to improve customer service. He has also written a book so one of the first things I did was buy the book.

have a crap day

I don’t get a great deal of time to read books, even though I am probably the worst person for buying interesting business books that I intend to read but never get the chance to. I bought Richard Branson’s autobiography at Manchester Airport when we were heading to SES New York in March and I was pleased that I got to about half way through. So when Jez’s book arrived, titled “Have a Crap Day” I was pleased to find that it wasn’t massive and when I started reading it, I don’t want to sound cliché, but I couldn’t put it down. I was reading it nodding to myself as everything that was there in black and white was what we try to instil at Bronco.

Things like ensuring that the staff, who you have to recognise as your most valuable asset, are well looked after, appreciated and supported. As I have blogged about before, if the staff of a company are unhappy and morale is low then the customer service drops and therefore the customers will eventually find an alternative supplier. In the book it calls for people to become Customer Service Superheros and to give that extra 10%. There is a really interesting section on what people wear, and how they are perceived that can affect customers’ views of the company as well as really funny real life stories of really poor customer service. One that springs to mind is one of Jez’s friends who ends up in a big row in Comet due to the fact that they will not refund a cable that he was mis-sold, to the point where the police have to be called to sort out the situation. The guy got his full refund in the end but is unlikely to return to Comet!

A classic story is to do with a Mercedes and Lexus dealer. The Mercedes dealer in the end made the sale, but when the brand new top of the range car turned up it happened to be missing the cigarette lighter. Not that the lighter was required it just left a slight bit of disappointment that the car hadn’t been fully checked and it wasn’t spotted before the car was delivered. Shortly after the Lexus dealer gets in touch to see how things are going, only to be told that it was Mercedes that got the deal, but that the lighter was missing. The Lexus dealer says how great the Mercedes car is … and the next day in the post arrives a replacement Mercedes cigarette lighter …. from the Lexus dealer. How cool is that, just going that little bit further makes all the difference and the Lexus guy will be remembered for that and will probably get the next deal.

Anyway if you are wanting to brush up on your customer service skills I can certainly recommend “Have a Crap Day” by Jez Rose.


  • Emily

    It sounds like an excellent read! I’ve been in shops trying to take stuff back and have given up in the past as the staff seem incapable of dealing with complaints. It’s easy not to shop at these places though – so it’s ultimately their loss.
    Being memorable means offering a great service all the time – something local retailers do best quite a lot of the time!

  • sophie

    We wondered how you get through the day with all your jobs, surley there are not enough hours in the day for you to do all of these things!!

    I have a pet wolf who i am finding him hard to house train, could you give me any advice.

    Many Thanks

    Soph xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Who is Mr Rose

    Jez Rose? Dr? When did he get time to acquire that? or did he just buy it?

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