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Happy Birthday to Me :)

Hurray, another birthday! Today was my 38th birthday (getting much older now) and also my blog’s 4th birthday, so “happy birthday blog” too. Last year I did a birthday post and looking back at it, its amazing that by this time last year we were on our second barbeque – no chance this year with freezing temperatures and big snow drifts LOL.

I’ve had a great day today .. starting off with early card and present opening with Dave and the kids … got a Kindle Fire which is amazing so far, but lots more playing to do … had lots of Tweets and Facebook birthday wishes, text and phone calls from family (who don’t do social media), had flowers delivered to work, more presents and flowers when I got home and also an awesome birthday cake.

radley bag birthday cake

handbag cake

handbag birthday cake (2)

handbag birthday cake (1)

Dave’s sister Jen is the cake maker and is brilliant at them … it was a lovely surprise to get a Radley handbag cake tonight, and its almost too good to eat .. but I’m sure the guys at Bronco will tuck in tomorrow 🙂
Pretty amazing hey! Check out Jen’s Facebook page for more cool cakes or I did a post recently when we had some Bronco cupcakes made and posted up some cool cakes

Anyway my birthday is nearly over now .. but next week Bronco will be 10, and it will also be mine and Dave’s 15th wedding anniversary too, so plenty to celebrate.


  • Anthony

    Can’t wait to ‘tuck in’ .. it looks amazing!

  • jen

    So glad you liked it Becky. For people who don’t know me I am a self taught baker and cake decorator. I just love the look on peoples face’s when you present them with a cake especially when it involves their hobby or something they love. I have a passion for all things beautiful and hopefully that comes across in my cakes. If you would like any information or would like to order a cake please get in touch, or phone me Jenny Lofthouse on 01845 524876.

  • Becky

    Such a great cake Jen, love it… but soon will be cut up and eaten. Such a shame but I know it will taste as good as it looks 🙂

  • jen

    hi becky, just got in from school, I am running a competition for a new name ,so far I think the best is Darrowby bakes cup n cakes what do you think ?

  • judith hunt

    What a briliant cake design, so cool….hope it tasted good too